Thursday, 11 October 2007


The Beast is temporarily swamped with a mountain of work , bills and a general malaise.

Once the Beast has finished having an attack of the 'vapours' , he will return.

The Management at Beastbite would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by its 'talent' having a tantrum and doing a 'Hitch flounce'.


Newforestandy said...

Sounds like your having a self-made domestic with yourself, try drinking some relaxing herbal tea, using aroma therapy and a nice warm bath. If this fails, then how about just having a bottle of falling down juice with a plate of chips?

Rimshot said...

ah...just rub one out, take a nap and Robert is your father's brother.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The vapours? Isn't that just gas?

Jenny! said...

Your a busy beaver!

BEAST said...

A split beaver would be more fun :-)

First Nations said...

what's that? is it like schizophernia? is there medication? is that like when you take one beaver and sew it to another beaver, but then the seam comes undone and you have to mend it, but it keeps ripping out, and then all the stuffing begins to leak out and the ears get all nappy?
is it like when you have a huge monster beaver brain in a jar and you do experiments on it to make a good beaver and an evil beaver and the evil one escapes and starts building dams everywhere and then suddenly a miG fighter comes down and shoots the beaver and it falls off the empire state building and lands on frobisher?

BEAST said...

Damn those evil beavers

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