Thursday, 31 December 2009


Wishing you all  the New Years Eve you desire and a healthy and happy 2010.

Beast will be churning out a luxury buffet for 20 . That frightful old lovey Frobisher will be hamming it up on Stage reprising his role in the hit of the Xmas Season "Crap Bingo with Mavis" .
Mr C will be festering in a corner somewhere nursing a glass of Malibu and working on tomorrows hangover ,  making occasional forays into the kitchen to lambast poor Beast.
 James will be delighting our guests with his hot and spicey chipolatas and firecracker prawn balls(He is seldom without pain , poor thing).
PS : Isn't Miss MJ looking well :-)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


After a gruelling month , the final slice of Christmas pudding has dissapeared through the doors of the Cafe C kitchen.
Its a Christmas miracle that myself , Mr C , James and Frobisher have all survived with out major incident  , mayhem or murder(the  sacking incident not with standing).

Beast will be taking a few days of rest and relaxation to recharge and enjoy some quality time with his potted plants , family and friends.

I am Wishing all my blogging chums a relaxing and enjoyable festive season . You have all been a joy and an inspiration to me over the past year and I will be quaffing a foaming tankard in your honour as soon as possible.

A Very Merry Christmas my lovelys

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Beast cops it !
In the midst of the Christmas party season at Cafe C , stress levels are at an all time high . Inevitably a tired and blundering Beast was gonna get it . Friday night , the meals were flying out the door and Mr C was like a man possessed . In the fray a less than perfect grape was placed on a cheese board and a cataclysmic explosion ensued . Accusations of a very impolite nature were bellowed ,questions relating to Beasts quality of vision , general dexterity , sanity and well just about everything else were debated in a brusque manner , culminating in the following scene.
After such ungentlemanly behavior , one could have been forgiven for doing a 'Frobisher Flounce' on the spot but Being a good old stoic Taurean , the Beast still finished the mound of washing up and cleaned up the kitchen before doing The Walk of Shame to my car :-(.
What did you get for Christmas Beast ???

Monday, 7 December 2009


Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Cafe C Christmas Revels have begun.

I will be up to my neck in gibblets , horror and shame for the next two weeks and likely not be about on the blogs very much.

Have a very happy ,wild and safe party season and I look forward to catching up with you all soon :-)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Another weekend has come and gone .

Friday night was the Dorchester Christmas Cracker fundraiser . The Dinner Ladies (a local band not the usual pile of tits and attitude found behind the canteen counter) were headlining the Cafe C stage supported by our beloved Frobisher reprising his glittering cabaret show Crap Bingo with Mavis
Friday morning dawned and the distressing news reached a nervous Mr C that Frobisher was Ill.
Possibly too ill to perform
But being the leathery old trouper that he is ,wild horses and a dropped lung wouldn't keep a terrible old lovey like Frobisher from that stage .

Pictured left: an ailing Frobisher is airlifted into Cafe C determined that he would not disappoint his army of fans fan .

It all turned out rather well , Frobisher strutted , preened and even called the correct numbers (lesson learned , keep the gin bottled locked away until after Frobishers set) .

The dinner ladies did a rollicking couple of sets , then sadly fell foul of Mr C's cocktails , went all rock and roll and started smashing up their instruments in a frenzy of over excitement and in the blink of an eye it was chucking out time as the merry revellers were turfed out in the street with Mr C's jovial farewell of LEAVE NOW OR I WILL SET THE DOGS ON YOU .

Saturday night we did it all again , minus Frobisher who had taken to his bed with a fit of the vapours :-)

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