Friday, 23 May 2014


What you may ask has Beast been up to for a year. that dear reader is very good question. I got made redundant in December 2012 from my 26 year career and then spent basically a year floundering about full time working at Cafe C ( which didn't work out well ) , selling my house 3 times , buying a house , which dragged on till feb 2014 , due in part to the Church of England land grabbing half my garden ( I kid you not , i had to beat the pinching prelates off with a battery of solicitors and  stout stick ) and a swarm of wasps occupying my house which i had to fumigate the feck out of. Renovations commenced on an ever decreasing budget but i have finally manged to get the house into a very basic liveable space within the last month. Mr C hates my choice of blinds  , choice of kitchen worktop , choice of handles, me and is refusing pointblank to visit. . I don't much like his curtains so we are currently at a mexican standoff . I will publish pics when I find where I stashed them

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beast is back

Well i will be when I get my laptop back :-)

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