Monday, 24 January 2011


Mr C's latest obsession is swimming , so as you can imagine the Beast is regularly frog marched to the local spa and forced in the pool , all the time listening to Mr C waffling on about being a babe magnet as EVERYONE is looking at him in his swimming togs .
This could of course be because he is a babe magnet (Miss Scarlet was certainly smitten or that may have been the bubbly)
Equally it could be the somewhat snug fit
It may be that from the rear it looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
I , of course could not posibly comment
In other news a sun bronzed Frobisher has  returned from Tenerife and rushed straight back on stage to perform that Mavis and his whirling balls Magic
There have been plenty of parties
There have been a few scraps and flounces
The Beast washed the vacuum cleaner
And that my lovelies is that :-)

Saturday, 8 January 2011


This evening  I staggered off into the freezing night , begrimed with sweet chillie chicken and reeking of chip fat , wanting nothing more than a hot shower , a calming mug of ovaltine and surrender to the sweet embrace of my fragrant duvet .
However I was shocked to the core on finding the following item jauntilly flapping in the frigid breeze from my car roof ariel.
What can this mean!!!
I opened the car door with a cloth in case some drooling pervert had been licking the door handles  and locked the doors pretty quick.
Can the Beast expect more 'tokens' ????
Will a boil wash fade the pattern???
Are they the right size ?????
If they are the right size that even more worrying ??????

Saturday, 1 January 2011


As the doors were flung open for the celebrated Cafe C New Year's Party we were all rather suprised by the attention grabbing entry of a very special guest .

Oh yes it was our very own Miss Scarlet , exclaiming breathlessly
 Golly ! all this fuss , I was aiming for Incognito as she casually flung her feather boa over a fuming Mavis and was whisked to Mr C's private table to be plied with Champagne . I off course was immediatley ordered to the kitchen to supply a selection of  tempting treats in case Miss Scarlet should feel a mite peckish .
At this point I shall draw a veil over the evenings festivities
Wild Rumours of rampant transvestism , frenzied belly dancing , maruading lesbians , carousing and drunken singing abound .
I could not possibly confirm or deny

What happens in Cafe C. Stays in Cafe C.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Heres wishing you all a prosperous , healthy and happy 2011 and thank all my blogging chums for their continuing support .

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