Saturday, 1 January 2011


As the doors were flung open for the celebrated Cafe C New Year's Party we were all rather suprised by the attention grabbing entry of a very special guest .

Oh yes it was our very own Miss Scarlet , exclaiming breathlessly
 Golly ! all this fuss , I was aiming for Incognito as she casually flung her feather boa over a fuming Mavis and was whisked to Mr C's private table to be plied with Champagne . I off course was immediatley ordered to the kitchen to supply a selection of  tempting treats in case Miss Scarlet should feel a mite peckish .
At this point I shall draw a veil over the evenings festivities
Wild Rumours of rampant transvestism , frenzied belly dancing , maruading lesbians , carousing and drunken singing abound .
I could not possibly confirm or deny

What happens in Cafe C. Stays in Cafe C.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Heres wishing you all a prosperous , healthy and happy 2011 and thank all my blogging chums for their continuing support .


MJ said...

Wild Rumours of rampant transvestism , frenzied belly dancing , maruading lesbians , carousing and drunken singing abound .

A typical night at Café C, then?

These aren’t her knickers, by any chance?

BEAST said...

I am afraid you will have to ask Miss Scarlet to id the skimpies.
I find the strangest things when cleaning up after a party . This morning I found a bright red bible under a table......the mind boggles

MJ said...

It was a message from Gawd!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Gawd help us, I say.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Beast!

Princess said...

Happy New Year Mr Beastie.

Do a thorough pat down of Miss Scarlet prior to her departure.

some things may have been "Swapped' given MJ's photographic evidence...

xl said...

Happy New Year.

Was chocolate fondue involved?

Scarlet Blue said...

I am awake... and working on my post... I may be some time.
I'm not sure how to describe some of the things I drunk?

Roses said...

Sounds like a fantastic party!

Happy New Year Beast!

May this be the start of a brilliant year for you and yours.

(I hope you find the owners of said knickers and bible)

Scarlet Blue said...

I have posted my account of the evening's events....!

FirstNations said...

I am SO JEALOUS!! I wish I could have been there too.

has anyone seen my red bible...?

savannah said...

happy new year, sugar! i can hear the chant now: next year a cafe c, darlings! xoxoxo

eroswings said...

All that glitter and star power crammed under one roof for a night! Now that's a great way to celebrate new year's!

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