Monday, 24 January 2011


Mr C's latest obsession is swimming , so as you can imagine the Beast is regularly frog marched to the local spa and forced in the pool , all the time listening to Mr C waffling on about being a babe magnet as EVERYONE is looking at him in his swimming togs .
This could of course be because he is a babe magnet (Miss Scarlet was certainly smitten or that may have been the bubbly)
Equally it could be the somewhat snug fit
It may be that from the rear it looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
I , of course could not posibly comment
In other news a sun bronzed Frobisher has  returned from Tenerife and rushed straight back on stage to perform that Mavis and his whirling balls Magic
There have been plenty of parties
There have been a few scraps and flounces
The Beast washed the vacuum cleaner
And that my lovelies is that :-)


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh, you get all the glam jobs, Beast.

Remember to take your nose plugs to the pool with you.

MJ said...

And your water wings.

xl said...

Don't eat the yellow snow! Er, sip the pool water!

Scarlet Blue said...

It is true!! Mr C is a babe magnet!!!
Somebody in my entourage became quite smitten with him and she wouldn't stop giggling. I had to adminster a sharp slap.

BEAST said...

Mr IVD : I am a one of lifes drudges . There is no escaping this fact :-(
Miss MJ . Your lucky if I remember my shorts .

Mr XL . I shall take this sage advice and just moisten my parched lips with the edge of my vest .
Miss Scarlet . Dont encourage the devil or I will never here the end of it

BEAST said...

Was that the lady who works at the prison Miss S.....nuff said :-)

CyberPete said...


XL brought some very good advice. Don't drink the pool water. You don't know how many kids have pissed and pooped/farted in it.

Scarlet Blue said...

...he was lucky that he didn't end up strapped to a bed with a pair of handcuffs...

BEAST said...

Pete well I certainly did , you gotta get some pleasure for the 6 quid entry fee .

Enough about your hobbies Miss Scarlet

FirstNations said...

Alas, one has not yet mustered up the nerve to dip a toe. So far one merely trudges gallantly along on the of a row which look out onto the pool area where the high school mens' swim team practices.

This seems wonderful for about six seconds, when one realizes that the Lynden mens swim team are, to a man, hairless and pink as newborn mice...if mice had mated with freakishly elongated ferrets that ran around covering their nipples with their hands and shuddering like whippets.

I wish someone had warned me.

BEAST said...

Ahem ....
Just one of my little experiments after my success with the Frankendyson . Once I have created the elongated ferrets it was dead easy . Unfortunatley I lost the nipples along the way , hence the boys coy embarrasement and vain attempts at a cover up.
Better luck next time :-)

Roses said...

See it's still January, and the British idea of the propper temperature for a swimming pool and mine vary by about 5'C.

But well done you.

Don't you get complaints about your hairs clogging the filters?

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