Thursday, 31 December 2009


Wishing you all  the New Years Eve you desire and a healthy and happy 2010.

Beast will be churning out a luxury buffet for 20 . That frightful old lovey Frobisher will be hamming it up on Stage reprising his role in the hit of the Xmas Season "Crap Bingo with Mavis" .
Mr C will be festering in a corner somewhere nursing a glass of Malibu and working on tomorrows hangover ,  making occasional forays into the kitchen to lambast poor Beast.
 James will be delighting our guests with his hot and spicey chipolatas and firecracker prawn balls(He is seldom without pain , poor thing).
PS : Isn't Miss MJ looking well :-)


Princess said...

Dear Mr Beast,

Happy New Year from the future.(I'm already in 2010)
Downunder at "Palais de Steff" and, it looks like I'm "FIRST" past the Post!

I am so looking forward to more of your informative Restaurant Reviews in 2010.

You know that you are always welcome to visit the Palais, My houseboys will cater to your every need!

Pass me the champas!

Oh and MJ has been practicing her foofing for New Year I see!

Princess XXX

Scarlet Blue said...

*Waits quietly in the corner for Mistress MJ to arrive to start the fireworks*

MJ said...

I came here to wish you a Happy New Year and THIS is the thanks I get?

No wonder you haven't shown your face yet on my blog today!

I don't have to take this!

Perhaps I should resolve not to come back here in 2010!

*deposits cow pie on Beast's shoe and huffs off in a cloud of methane*

Scarlet Blue said...

*strikes match*

Donnw/2nz said...

Thank you for being a stalwart voice of reason out here in the midst of all these crazyass people.
I don't know how you do it.

Best Wishes for the new decade.

KAZ said...

Make that a buffet for 21 please.
Have a good year.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Happy New Year your Beastliness!

eroswings said...

That cow looks suspiciously mad...

Hope you're recovering well from the New Year's Feast!


FirstNations said...

What year is it? Is it another year now? When did this happen? Is that cow going to hurt me? I dont' like cows. They don't vote. I like dogs. Ask the dogs what year it is for me. I have more shoes at home.

*wanders off mumbling and shouting at passing cabs*

Scarlet Blue said...

I misread that as *shouting at passing cakes*

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