Thursday, 23 October 2008


Oh Yes . Last night was Tango Nite at Cafe C

A wonderful time was had by all , Mr C resplendent in snake hipped trousers , Cuban heels,shirt slashed to the waist , revealing a luxuriant chest wig and moodily stroking his 'Clarke Gable' moustache , the sultry lights flashing off his oiled pompadour (Don't misunderstand me It wasn't fancy dress , Mr C ALWAYS dresses like that)
Even Fellow Kitchen Bitches Frobisher and Kieth , got into the swing of things.The Beast Thinks Frobisher could have made more of an effort , who ever heard of a blonde Latin spitfire .
I was banished Cinderella like to the kitchen , to scrub the floor until it gleamed.
I was only released from my drudgery for
Last Tango in Dorchester
***sinister rattling of maraca's***

On another point , Christmas Stuff is popping up all over the place , Aisles and Aisles of crap in the supermarket.
The Beasts says.
* If you don't get the butter reference.....go and hire yourself Last Tango in Paris


MJ said...

Were you cast in the Maria Schneider role?

Donn Coppens said...

One of mumblin' Marlon's best lines ever.

Brando got paid millions to make up his own lines and "simulate" intercourse with large breasted women half his age.

That, my friends, is what Method Acting is all about.

Donn Coppens said...

You've done something to the space time blogtinuum here..I am confuzzled.

scarlet-blue said...

You bring the butter, I've already got the eggs!

FirstNations said...

How I would have loved to see the Delicious C and Sultry Dangereuse Frobisher gliding across the floor......dip! and turn!
A lingering smoky glance threatening to burst into flame....

*fans self briskly*

Frobi you are my Ratly Muse
C I beso you mucho!
pass the low-fat margerine, Beast!

*fanning threatens to send FN aloft*

Gorilla Bananas said...

Miss Scarlet's egg wants to get laid! Do you think the scene with the butter was realistic? It seemed to melt rather quickly to me, although I lack expertise in such matters.

eroswings said...

Perhaps Frobisher was channeling Christina Aguilera.

And if you were Cinderella, who were the evil stepmother and stepsisters?

CyberPete said...

Sounds like fun!

Scrub the floors Cinderella, cook me food Cinderella...

KAZ said...

Ah yes I saw Marlon in Last Tango. He kept his clothes on all the time.
I suppose he'd have to use Flora nowadays as he'd be worried about his cholesterol..

BEAST said...

MJ : I was watching and drinking my coffee .

Donn : Its a wizard wheeze this acting mularkey.

Donn : Have you been sniffing the toilet duck AGAIN.

Scarlet. Do you prefer salted or unsalted.

Miss FN . Mr C and Frobisher aer as common as muck , a pound of lard would be more the ticket.

Mr Bananas . I am no expert in these things but I am informed that unsalted butter has a higher flash piont than salted

Eroswing . More to the piont , who turned into a pumpkin at midnight.

Cyberp . I have always been a bit of a scrubber.

Kaz . Cookeen anyone ?

scarlet-blue said...

Do you like your eggs over-easy?

BEAST said...

Miss Scarlet , I have reached that age where everything has to be over easy

scarlet-blue said...

Hello Beasty, I can be very easy . . . hell, that's not why I'm here . . . I tagged you Mr Beasty, pop over to mine to pick up the rules!

inkspot said...

A gentleman is someone who uses the butterknife when breakfasting alone.

That rules out Marlon then.

Tickersoid said...

I didn't see the film but did read the fully illustrated pop up book.

World Champ Stephen Neal said...

They say it takes two to tango, but the World Champ can tango by himself.

scarlet-blue said...

Most men do Mr Neal.

inkspot said...

Harken to Scarlet. Tango is Latin for "I touch".

MJ said...


BEAST said...

Miss Scarlet . I got the tag thanks :-)

Inky. In some quarters a gentleman is someone who doesn't wipe his knob on the curtains !

Carefull Mr Ticks it may have an eye out

Champ . that sort of abandoned foreign behaviour can lead to failing eyesight and stuff.

Sacrlet and Inky : You can be Beastbites new self abuse counsellors - there are plenty who need it on this blog :-)

Miss MJ . I have been running around since last wednesday , and was away isiting Ma Beasty at the weekend.
I am now back and will hopefully post and comment laters

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