Sunday, 29 April 2007


The Beast has spent the last couple of weekends doing hard labour for friends.
Gardening with Mr C last weekend and smashing up concrete and stuff for my mates Al and the lovely Nicola this weekend . I quiet enjoyed it as it happens.There is something very satifying about going wild with a sledgehammer and getting absolutely filthy , Its a simple pleasure that we dont do enough of as adults . I collapsed in a sweaty , besplattered heap , gutsed BBQ's sausages and burgers and quaffed wine , I could relax in the knowledge that I had earned the grub , drink , a good hot shower and I night of innocent slumber :-) .
Popped over to see Mr C , who was very mono sylabic , I was about as welcome as a dose of crabs :-( .......still the dogs enjoyed seeing me :-)
Ma and Pa Beasty are about to arrive , Ma Beasty has promised to make her ' brave little soldier' a special sheperds pie.....yum , I have been texting my brothers to tell them and started a right rumpus about favourtism.every old childhood injustice is currently being dragged out into the light of day..get a grip boys its only a delicious mix of lamb and spuds.....AND ITS ALL MINE....he he he


Hammer said...

Hard work can be indeed satisfying especially if followed by BBQ and wine :)

Anonymous said...

Did you consider that semtex you have under the shed as an alternative to the hammer? Or the blasting caps? On a point of information it is only Shepherds pie if made with Minced roadkill according to Mr Newmania.

Newforestandy said...

I believe the semtex is currently situated under boscombe pier awaiting the next invasion, should the enemy land on the pier.

Sounds like you have gone all 'butch' on us beastie.

We too had a BBQ lst night however the only physical event that lead up to it was alot of decorating.

Will there be ny handouts during ma beasties' stay?

Anonymous said...

Ive got alot going on in my life right now beasty... it wasnt personal...


Frobisher said...

could have done with your help when I was plaster-boarding!

*imagines Beast with a six-pack*

*imagines taking six-pack off Beast and drinking it*

BEAST said...

Hammer , Its shocking when us poor desk jockeys get a chance to go native , it was real alpha male stuff.
Mr Mutley , I am saving the semtex for the next puffin night , Mu Tais Bang Bang chicken wil never be the same again.

NFA . I have always been all butch , the knitting and fower aranging is a cunning disguise.

Mr C , I know I was just being cheeky :-)

Frobisher , i have a six pack , craftly hidden under mounds of flab , there are probably a few cans of lager and the odd bag of crisps hidden amongst the spare tyres as well !!!

Anonymous said...

six pack dont make me fucking laugh frobisher you would think the amount of times he so calls goes to the gym he would be fit.. i chain smoke and only get off my ass the take a dump and go to bed and i look like a godess next too him .. beer watts that :-)

BEAST said...

Would that be the goddess of bagpipes Mr C ????

First Nations said...

i have taken up my pick and my hammer and march beneath the banner of the virtuous BEAST. beer? stone work? biceps? butch as fuck? yes indeedy!
c'mon, beast, let's split this nellie popsicle stand and go chew some railroad spikes.

and MY COMPOST doesn't have icky bugs, either. that's cos i TURN IT.

BEAST said...

well Lah - de - dah , get the duchess and her perfectly turned compost....he he he

Frobisher said...

How dare you, I turn my compost every other day!!!

Newforestandy said...

Beast, I was wondering how you got on with your entry in the Lymington Lesbians' flower arranging competition? I did wonder if a display of pansies and Opium poppies would be allowed in the event, they normally like red hot pokers in all their displays!

Are you available for hire to come and do our garden? We have four Oak Trees that need trimming!

Anonymous said...

i would of said try chewing the mains cable:)

BEAST said...

NFA i was thrown out after Mr Mutley outed me.

Mr C did that work for you ???

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