Thursday, 19 April 2007


Greetings my lovely's , sorry I have not been blogging for a week , but its been rather busy.

I have been running about , Point to point (amateur horse racing for the un informed) with Mr C and the lovely Jackie (pictured left) , work , gardening , dog walking , housework , shopping , more work , gym....blah , blah , blah.I am completely worn out . Hopefully I shall have time to blog again later.

When the loverly Jackie has had one sherry too many , she gets all nostalgic , then rambles off about past friends , for example she will say , oh I do so miss Mandy* (usually friends she shared with Mr C) , do you remember how she got so drunk she crapped in so and so's handbag , broke all the windows in the pub , slept with all her best friends boyfriends , threw up on the vicar , pissed her pants in the indian restaurant** etc etc etc (you get the picture) and will finish this catalog of horrors by getting all misty eyed and saying Oh Beast you would have really liked her , she was SO SWEET!!!.

Sounds a regular Mother Theresa :-)

*Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

** the list usually goes on for a good hour and a half


Mental Mac said...

Yay I'm first. Thought I would check to see if you were still alive, otherwise I would hvae come round and nicked your stereo.

BEAST said...

You need not wait till I have pegged it MM , but you may have to fight off MR C and the dogs , ho are usually looting something from my house (and before you start sqauwking Mr C i have two words for you EXCERCISE MAT :-) )

Lippy said...

The point to point committee didn't send us a free ticket this year so the TB took a strop and wouldn't go - shame really never has so much booze belonging to other people been drunk by me in one afternoon!

First Nations said...

oh i see. too busy playing the ponies were you? *snif* well fine. that's just fine. you do that.

i had dibs on the stereo, mac.

Hammer said...

I used to date Mandy and all those things you mentioned happened on one Sunday, I assure you she is a gem every other day. :)

Newforestandy said...

Is point to point similar to the kids drawing game dot to dot? Did you get a ride at the event?

BEAST said...

Lippy....dont rub it in...i was the designated driver so one cider and that was me lot :-(

FN as we seemed to be srangely drawn to the beer tent , i didnt see any horses.
Hammer , we have all dated a mandy at some time or other :-)
NFA , I did have a go on the bouncy castle , it was great

Chaucer's Bitch said...

god i'm sheltered. *wanders off in search of grituitous adventure*

Frobisher said...

Was it boring without me at the point-to-poing Beast?

Anonymous said...

how could it be boring with out you frobisher :-) there was lots and lots of fun with jakie and ethan it was like a seen out of shamless she has no fucking shame thats way i like her... :)

cuntiness for ever

Anonymous said...

I am surprised she still remembers me so well - I did suppose I might make an impression -but still it has been 15 years...

BEAST said...

CB - go girl go , and then tell us all about it

Frobi , I was to embarrased to notice

Mr C I may need councelling.

Mutley , so you are 'Mandy' minx

Tickersoid said...

I like the sound of Mandy. Glad I don't live with her though.

Lippy said...

Beast you need a new post - I'm back in the office and require on line entertainment!!!

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