Thursday, 1 March 2007


Great News there is a new Star Treck movie in pre production

I cant wait.Altho the previous eleven have been somewhat patchy I still love em

the story revolves around Kirk and Spocks early lives

Lets hope it is not produced by Frobishers favourite

film company as the results may look like this.

On another front its almost time for that yearly Crap fest the Eurovision song contest.I am gutted that Morrisey formerly of the Smiths will not be submitting an entry.The man that can produce lyrics like....Didnt have a job....Got a Job...heaven Knows I am miserable now , would have soon wiped the smile of the happy clappy Euro lovers.
For our world wide audience , just thank your lucky stars you dont have to sit thru this horror of European 'togetherness'.
As is well known european 'pop' music is terrible , as the great P J O'rourke put it , the French entry always sounds like Edith Piaf being chased round the palm lounge by someone wealding a weed wacker(strimmer) , and its all down hill from goes on for hours....the voting is all political , and yet it has become a tradition . It has given rise to some talents eg Abba (if you like that sort of thing) and some real horrors Celine Dione(a pox on the woman).
Compete to sing the British entry are ex east 17 singer Brian Harvey(Frobisher will be licking the TV screen during his performance) , and that irritating knob with the screechy voice from The Darkness.
May the worst man win!!!! nothing can be as bad as Page Three 'Stunna' Jordan effort - or can it????


Tickersoid said...

I love the European song contest. Not enough to actually watch it. Perhaps we could have the recorded highlights later, mostly consisting of Terry Wogans comments.

I wonder if Spock has pointy testicles?

Anonymous said...

I liked that strange Latvian band last year who sang "We are the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest!" over and over agin, then lost!

I normally go to sleep during Star Trek movies, but I quite the 17 different TV series, they show them all on Sky. See I am trying pay per post and shitty old Sky TV are dumb enough to give 1 cent each time I say Sky TV, which is moronic and full of crap!

Anonymous said...

Have you been watching Boston Legal, starring Captain Kirk - its on Sky TV! See how I wove that seamlessly into the conversation - like a seamlessly woven thing! I am up to 3 cents already - what shall I spend it all on?

MJ said...

On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for Celine Dion.

Let's hope she stays put in Vegas.

Newforestandy said...

Beast, I know how you love wearing that blonde wig and putting on the crop top and tight shiny shorts, then doing karaoke to Abba's Ma Ma Mia!

I always start watching eurovision then get bored within the first song so normally dont get to see the 'nil points' being cast!

How about you, Frobisher and Mr C doing a trio for next year?

frobisher said...

Sorry no trio NFA, I'm the only one who can hold a tune.

I don't think we'll ever win the Eurovision because of the "Blair factor" - most of Europe hates us anyway. It's a shame the Morrisey thing didn't work out, at least we could have held our heads high artistically. And yes Beast, I would shag Brian Harvey, anyone who can manage to run over himself in the car he was driving deserves a chance.

Ah the glory days of Lulu and Cliff bringing home the trophies!

Anonymous said...

I have re-linked your blog with its new address Mr B, your old address pointed at some of your pornographic Flickr pages I am sad to say - is that your sister with the tube thing?

BEAST said...

Tick I am not sure wether spock has any genitals at all , go and have a good look at them ....they are a bit illogical....if only the champ was here to advise us on Trecky related matters.

NFA the Beast and karaoke dont get on.
Frobisher dont be ridiculous your rendition of 'Yes Sir I can Boogie' cleared the pub.
Mutley are you coming to us live from Prague or are you back in Bridport.As head honcho for tourism you should make a bid for the eurovision.The dancing mutants at half time will be worth the ticket price alone....Mu Tai can do the official catering (whoever survives without filling their pants on stage ...wins)
Hurrah I am booking next years ticket in anticipation.
MJ its ok we forgive canada... for now

Anonymous said...

How boreing ... have i told you ive started to self harm ...

Karina Filippo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BEAST said...

As you ind everything boring Mr C , a bobby will do you good , and its cheap !....
Hello Karina :-)

Lippy said...

My cousin desperatley wanted the job as researcher for the Eurovision Song Contest. She didn't get it and is now working on the "Search for Joseph" instead - it's like the "Search for Maria" only with boys specially for...well me mostly!

BEAST said...

my comment to mr C should have had the words find and hobby in it instead of ind and bobby.

Yo lippy :-)

Newforestandy said...

I am sure I have seen you under Boscombe Pier in your 'Abba Outfit' trying to tempt locals

tkkerouac said...

love this blog and your thumbnail.

BEAST said...

What a scurrilous rumour NFA I was crab fishing and felt a little glamour was needed.

Gee Thanks tkk :0)

Mermaid said...

Hey B..B..B..B..Beastie, thanks for the hello.........just checking out your blog....what are you doing with that gun thing ??

First Nations said...

it's got to be horrible; every brit in blogdom is moaning and bitching about it. for heavens sakes people rent a movie or something.

as an american i apologize for star trek.

BEAST said...

I love star trek :-)

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