Monday, 26 February 2007


Below is a pictorial depiction of my weekend.

You may add your own interpretation of events.
It started like this

Followed by a fair bit of this


I suspect a bit of this

MR C and the loverly Jackie

A tired and emotional Frobisher and 'Friend'

Curry 'Yowsa'


Karina Filippo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
frobisher said...

I can't be bothered to blog today :(

Newforestandy said...

MMM an interesting course of events, did you actually communicate verbally?

BEAST said...

I did NFA , I was too busy to write down what I did , so I thougt I would do a do it yourself post , you lot can fill in the gaps .....make oup outragous lies....etc etc

Vlad said...

Hate to think what the progeny of The Beast and a Camel would look like. Hope you took the proper precautions.

BEAST said...

Welcome Mr Vlad , I only 'stroked' the camel , I was playing it cool as it was a first date situation.

BEAST said...

Say hello to Karina everyone , she is a Latin Hotsy , who is probably shaking her marraca's seductivly as we speak.....the minx

Hammer said...

Thanks for the visit.
Looks like an interesting weekend!

Newforestandy said...

Was you sat down in the cloak Beast? Looks like you were doing a puzzle?

First Nations said...

1. Your cake fell
2. you put on your fez and consulted the qaballah
3. camels were at the bottom of it.
4. LIPREADING camels.
5. suddenly armed pilgrims stormed the runway!
6. low blood sugar caused them to gamble.
7. and all along, the curry knew.
and watched.
it was yellow.

(()), darling. it's a hard wagon to stay on.

Anonymous said...

erm, beast? i didn't think your name was short for beastiality. just say NO to animals, buddy.


BEAST said...

Hammer welcome , interesting and a little strange.

NFA that was me working , I have cast asside these new fangled 'computers' and taken once again to my trusted quill
FN sounds about right to me , I dont trust them camels.
Pink Drama.....we are all animals when it gets right down to it...

Tickersoid said...

All camels are bastards......

Or am I thinking of traffic wardens?

jim said...

hapi you came back. sorry for being a troll.

Tickersoid said...

Still can't create a link from my blog. Have to get here from frobishers.

Paulo Sempre said...


Tickersoid said...

Hmmm....'nother couple of days, you can copy and paste it for the next weekend.

Anonymous said...

You were definitely snogging a llama there, also the curry looks like you might lick it out. Did your brain fall out - or is that some other internal organ you have lost?

tkkerouac said...

ok, that was funny, thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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