Thursday, 22 February 2007


I am back, fully rested , and slightly insane from nicotine deprivation.

Its been interesting , I will say that.

Altho I am still off the fags . I can sympathise with those that dont make it (and lets face it , I could be puffing away again like a good un at any moment) as its a bizarre experience, in that there does not seem to be that many benefits personally to giving up.
You feel like crap , there is this little nagging bit of your brain , constantly bickering away at you (singing Fags Fags , give me fags*) , your digestion stops working properly , you don't sleep well and everything you used to enjoy in life seems totally flat.......
Ok its a lot cheaper and you MIGHT not die of cancer.
Still onwards and upwards :-)

Its been at least two months so its obviously time for MR C to get another car.
So Tuesday night it was driving Mr C to purchase his latest(have you seen Driving Miss Daisy???).
A horrible two hour drive in thick fog , I managed to get about 20 words out of Mr C for the whole journey , and thats fairly good going.
6 of those words were giving me incorrect directions and the other 14 were Mr C ranting about the fact I went the wrong way (the instruction as given was' take the left hand slip road'....the instruction as written down was 'go on to the roundabout take the 2nd exit then take the left hand slip road').......... so we almost ended up in the middle of London.
Still we got there in the end , Mr C now has ANOTHER car and I got a free cup of coffee.

* for our american readership in this context fags = cigarettes.
** in the second part of the post fags = Mr C and his cigarrettes


frobisher said...

It seems like your fair-weather readership has deserted you Beast!

never mind, fancy Sunday Lunch?

First Nations said...


you have my sympathies on the drive.
the ex was the same way, only not as reticent or well-mannered as mr. C (of the amazingly fertile 'raised bed').
gritted teeth, tiny fists clenched, hissing and swearing like a wet cat he'd hurtle wrongway down the one-ways, screaming in red faced hysteria at passing cars, refusing to follow maps or directions of any kind because that made too much sense and wasn't nearly as fun as making everyone around him miserable and eventually homicidal.
wotta guy.
hang in there on the no puffin. you can do it. rather start eating cake by the truckload than go back to that. you can do it! go beast!
*shakes pompons encouragingly*

BEAST said...

Frobi , are we going camel racing on Sunday or is that Saturday , I got a bit confused as I was invited , then banned , then invited myself and got banned again , then got invited again ??

FN ....I will keep at it , I will start feverish excercise this week and take up a hobby where I can hit things , that always makes me feel better

Lippy said...

Me I'm here and reading honest - fair weather readership indeed frobes!

Da Nator said...

Good on you, Beast. The quitting definitely gets easier over time. If you need help, I can have Mrs. Nator call you up and say she'll refuse to kiss you if you somke. Worked for me...

MJ said...

I had a big surprise when I visited your former URL!

First Nations said...

..yeah, no kidding, huh?
*makes note to stock up*

haddock said...

I gave up smoking, cold turkey method, 3 years ago. I haven't had a cigarette since, but I will never be a non-smoker, just someone who doesn't smoke. If you can do 3 weeks you've got it cracked.

frobisher said...

Oh! eight comments (9 counting mine) the halcyon days of 12 comments seems light years away . . .

Camel racing is on Sunday at Bradbury Rings, I will insist you are present & prob. do some food, bit early in the year for picnic so shall knock up a roast at Mincer Cottage

Newforestandy said...

Would that be a split roast? Badbury Rings, there are enough humps there without the need for camels!

Welcome back Sir Beast, glad your still smoke free, well apart from the smoke that comes out of your ears!

BEAST said...

Hello everyone ,
Blimey your right MJ and FN , i went and had a look at newbeastbites , I have been invaded by lesbianlove* and raising agents
They know me so well

Well Sunday sounds like its going to be fun Frobisher Spit roasting a camel.
Haddcok I cant wait to get to the three weeker....even with NRT the cravings get ya down

Lippy you are never a fair weather commenter , ignore Frobishers bitter remarks.
Thanks Da nator you can tell the missus I am shaving my tongue in anticipation.
Fn those pom poms will get you into trouble.
NFA thats not smoke coming ot of my ears....its me brains vapourising

Newforestandy said...

Beast, just a thought (or even a suggestion) how about taking HRT as this may help in the nicotine withdrawal symptons?

BEAST said...

I could steal one of Frobishers HRT patches and give it a go

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