Friday, 6 November 2009


Its Bonfire weekend in the UK where we celebrate an assassination attempt on the whole English parliament by silly old Guy Fawkes by burning him in effigy ,burning other stuff , letting off fireworks and pigging out .
When we were kids this used to be great , making the guy by stuffing old clothes with newspaper ,collecting driftwood from the beach for the bonfire , building the bonfire in the back garden , going out with Pa Beasty to buy the fireworks the weekend before , Ma Beasty used to cook up a big old vat of a hearty winter soup , jacket potatoes with cheese , sausages and usually some sort of crappy bonfire themed cake.
Come the night it was usually tipping down with rain or blowing a gale . We would huddle in the garden , Pa Beasty would totter about and let off the fireworks (With varying degrees of success) , each firework was traditionally greeted with Oooh's/Ahhh's or hoots of derision and blowing of raspberries , then we would light the bonfire and spend the rest of the evening burning stuff or poking burning stuff with sticks and feasting (Which are three of the Beasts favourite pastimes) .
Nowadays we don't do Ma and Pa Beasties Bonfire spectacular since the neurotic old bag moved in next door and ends up having a screaming epi in her garden that we have upset her pussy , and neither myself or Mr C has enough back garden space to host such an event without sparking a conflagration that would wipe either Bournemouth or Dorchester off the map :-(.
We did however sneak off to a farmers field and let off some rockets the other night , but had to scarper quick in case the police or farmer came to investigate........which made it almost fun again.
Oh to be 6 again :-)))


KAZ said...

When my dad lit the firework he would always announce how much it had cost him.
This determined the loudness off the cheer when it went off.
But it usually didn't.

MJ said...

Did someone mention cake?

Scarlet Blue said...

I knew someone who nicked a proper pucker display firework at let it off in Peckham High Street. It lit up the whole of London.
I'm happy with a sparkler.

eroswings said...

Such fun memories! I luv watching fireworks and setting them off.

Have fun setting things on fire!
Is it too cold to have a BBQ? That'll meet the burning and feasting portions of the festivities.

It's so much fun to watch things burn...much better than feeling a burn when you're taking a leak.

*leaves pennies for Beast*

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ah, Beast, you should regress to the mindset of a six year old and let a firework off up that neurotic old bag's petticoat!

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