Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Do you remember the post about my scary late night encounters with the tranvestite clown on a bike???.

If anyone thought I was making it up, Mr C had a recent siting (which he will probably now deny.....well becuase thats how Mr C is).

Well one area left unexplored at the time was HOT CLOWN SEX

I have been doing a bit of internet investigating , as basically I know what lazy bastards you all are.

For your delectation and delight I have a selection of available and in some cases down right desperate raunchy red nosed totty from the Clown sex cruising sites

First up we have Marcelle , gagging for it , but has difficulty comunicating with people

Scaramouche.Is getting a bit bored with 'Self Love' . Looking for someone to fill her trousers with custard
Hooters , a saucy minx , whos ready willing and able to honk anyones horn!

The Amazing Manko..... lists his interests as falling over , making hilarious things with balloons and 'Fish Suppers'

Manko could obviously give Captain Birdseye a run for his money

Oooooh Matron , our Goldie loves nothing better than a bit of steamy role play with groups of dwarves , a pantomime horse, Hilarious cream pie and of course her speciality a laugh a minute custard enemas.
A convincing arguement for going private

Boffo , descibes himself as a sensetive soul , interested in 'juggling' , car maintenance , big flappy shoes , long unicyle rides in the country and what he euphemistically describes as 'Performing in the Ring'
Billy Smarts Big Top was never like this !

Well , Clowns are just so funny (NOT!)I hope this has adequately covered this topic and we can now all move swiftly on


Hammer said...

Either boffo is helping a choking victim with the heimlich maneuver or has a velcro fly in his clown pants...

BEAST said...

Hammer said...
Either boffo is helping a choking victim with the heimlich maneuver or has a velcro fly in his clown pants...

Probably best not to enquire to deeply Mr H

MJ said...

I’ve done considerable research on this topic (future posting in the works) and I would like to take this opportunity to mention Ouchy the Clown.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Clowns can be very funny, Beast. When they're getting headbutted in the arse by midgets, for example. Or when a gorilla hangs them upside down by their ankles. I know about these things.

Daisy said...

we had a special clown person here...was taking nudes of little boys and somehow mysteriously had a heart attack in jail awaiting his trial...but had no heart condition...hmmmm


There's nothing I hate more than clowns.

FirstNations said...

the juggalos have reached bournemouth, have they? i feel your pain. avoid dropping anything on the sidewalk unless you want to feel the same pain. honk honk!

Anonymous said...

I think that one is Ronald McDonald - I am not surprised he is lonely as he sells shitty burgers to kids for a living...

BEAST said...

Mj , Thanks for that Ouchy loks great fun :-(

Mr Bananas . I bow to your superior knowledge in these matters.Maybe gorillas have a more slapstick taste in humour ?

Daisy . It doesnt suprise me , you never know what those clowns are up to when your not keeping an eye on the blighters.

Uber. Mr too ....and wasps

FN is the honking the way to tellif a clown has had a climax do you reckon.

Mr M , he is also a redhead with a terrible dress sense.... a bit unfortunate all round really.

World Champ Stephen Neal said...


(slowly rises, and starts a slow applause.)

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