Saturday, 21 June 2008


Beast has had another busy week.

Cafe C opened on monday .

Worked as MR C's kitchen bitch on thursday night for a private party.
That all went well , Mr C is a natural head chef , and I only got shouted at twice (for blundering about) .

Had a shoulder adjustment - you may have heard the screaming from wherever you are.Fuck me it was painful

So to summarize a week of running about 16hours a day , a little pain and suffering thrown in for good measure , and I kept forgetting to eat (Apart from the pasty and chips on Tuesday night)

Consequently I am knackered , after a day of dossing about I hopefully will post properly tomorrow


Gorilla Bananas said...

Sounds it was all chopping and no tasting for you. I hope you didn't overcook Mr C's vegetables.

MJ said...

Did the kitchen bitch have to wear a French maid's outfit?

MJ said...

*waits for so-called proper post*

BEAST said...

Mr Bananas , my vegetables were cooked to perfection , and the beauty of my salad garnish would have made Escoffier weep for joy.

Miss MJ , I am having a completely empty headed weekend , stressing about stuff , I shall post the minute the muse takes me :-(

MJ said...

*eyes Beast up and down*

Take another day off.

You could use the beauty sleep.

Frobisher said...


Letty Cruz said...

Blogger's block here, too. This week left me wanting nothing but to sleep late, catch up with laundry, catch up with the mom and the sisters and the main squeeze -- and to NOT get caught by the broiling desert sun.

...mmmmm, perfect veggies...must catch up with rumbling belly now!

BEAST said...

Miss MJ . Do you mean if I have another good nights sleep I will be even MORE beautiful :-)

Frobisher . Knickers !

Letty . The muse could strike at anytime. But is showing no signs so far :-)

Donn said...

Can't you just self adjust your shoulder by slamming it against a locker like Mel Gibson did in Lethal Weapon?

BEAST said...

Donn , having an adjustment is much the same thing , only they dont just stopat the shoulder , any muscle group withing a five mile radius of the injured part , gets pummeled , wallopped , eviscerated and mangled.All delivered with a 'This may be slightly uncomfortable' rider.

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