Thursday, 2 July 2009


It must be the heat , but I am having strange cravings for childhood foods.
The first is Heinz salad spread , its like a cross between tartar sauce and salad cream , full of undefinable crunchy bits and is tangy and luscious spread on a nice thick slice of well buttered bread.

Toast Toppers are a real delight a delicious mix of processed cheese and ham with a gloopy cat sick kind of consistency that sticks to the roof of you mouth in a molten mass if your too greedy to wait a few minutes when it comes out from under the grill - a real treat

Mmmmmm Bloater* paste
The evocative name just says it all. A pox on your fancy taramasalata , spread a bit of bloater paste on your bread in all its fishy loveliness and you will never look back

* for the uninitiated and the plain stupid a bloater is a big old herring.

What are your secret cravings (We are talking food Miss MJ you minx!)


Scarlet-Blue said...

Would you like a Farley's rusk and a sip of Chocolate Nesquik [through a straw]?

BEAST said...

Miss Scarlet .Mmmmm nesquik , I dont think we ever had farleys rusks , Ma Beasty used to make her own by drying out sliced bread in a low oven

Leah said...

Gotta say, that all looks pretty tasty.

My secret craving is Hamburger Helper, but that is so shameful that I'm whispering...

although, do you even have the gruesome yet luscious Helper in the UK?

So much the better if you don't know what I'm talking about...

BEAST said...

Leah , I looked up hamburger helper on Wikipedia and it sounds fab , we don't have anything like that over here , I may order some from the internet :-)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

* returns briefly from "Lazing around , picking your noses , scratching your nether regions and pigging out on fat and sugar drenched comestibles" *

Hmmm... Secret cravings, eh? Well, I do rather like a panda burger now and then. The Host frowns upon such things , so I can only imbibe when he's asleep.

Hammer said...

I've never seen those heinz varieties..they sound kind of ick to be honest.

I like roasted hot peppers mixed with provelone cheese and melted on a flour tortilla.

KAZ said...

Since I was a schoolgirl, I have considered Bloater paste to be the food of the gods.
My friends looked upon it as a very superior foodstuff and I was given much respect at lunch times as they ate their jam butties, cheese barms and egg rolls.

eroswings said...

I've honestly never seen any of those jars. But I've been craving pancakes for the last two weeks. I've had them with dinner--pancakes and fried chicken; pancakes and pork chops; pancakes and chili, etc.

Last month, I bought some mayo and mixed it with some sardines and spread it over toast. Delicious!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention pot noodles, Beast, I thought they were your favourite snack.

MJ said...

Evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk and cream and clotted cream.

Just stick the teat of the cow in my mouth, why not.

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