Wednesday, 9 February 2011


You may be wondering what exactly poor Beast has to put up with every weekend slaving in the bowels of Cafe C.
I was toying with the idea of demonstrating my weekend in the form of interprative dance , sadly my leotard is in the wash.Therefore you will have to put up with .
A weekend at Cafe C in a wacky collage of images.

The day starts like this

There is plenty of this

Then there is some of this
followed by

And what you may ask is Mr C doing while all this is going on

There is often more of this to get all the things Mr C forgot to tell me about the first time

There is often some of this

And what you may ask is all this for.

Well . for this
Oh yes..... and this

Generally it ends like this

And so we start again

100 million years of evolution
and it comes down to this


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I guess that'll teach you to have opposable thumbs?

* is thankful for filthiness of leotard *

Princess said...

My... you do cut a fine figure with a shopping trolly Mr Beastie...

Tell that young girl to chew her noodles next time....

Oh Hai MR DeVice....

Anonymous said...

your lucky you dont have too work the eve, but here at cafe c we like to job share saturday eve is all your beasty :-) there in for a treat!!!

xl said...

I got tired just reading it!

Scarlet Blue said...

I would actually like to see the interpretive dance version.
Shorts and a tutu will be fine, no need to worry about the leotard.

BEAST said...

Mr IVD . The opposable thumbs are very useful for mopping and washing up , I am sure you freakishly flexible digits and the broom would make light work of it all.
Princess.The Beast is 'generously ' proportioned and no mistake . Nature has obviously decided you cant have too much of a good thing :-)
Anon. Mr C . This is a depiction of The Beasts Day , not the horrors you have to endure during a Cafe C party night . We can do a second post on that . You choose the pictures :-).
Mr XL . Sadly thats personality shining thru , its enough to try the patients of a saint.According to Mr C it rolls over Cafe C like a thick dull fog :-( .
Miss Scarlet . I shall drive down to Devon and stage A Day with The Beast in your field . Hopefully my ouvre wont frighten the cows too much.

Roses said...

Ah yes, all the reasons why I will never work in catering again.

My sympathies.

MJ said...

my leotard is in the wash

That’s a first!

I am disturbed by the word “bowels” appearing in this post.

Anonymous said...

I am gald that I never had to work in gastro ... thing.

Scarlet Blue said...

Could you make it on the May day bank holiday? I am organising a fundraiser in aid of the Maypole Dancers and Polish potters of Lickham Bottom. So far you are the only act they are interested in.

The Old Tarf said...

Cordon bleu. My favorite. Try paper plates.

CyberPete said...

That's all well and good, but where are the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts

BEAST said...

Miss Roses . It has its rewards.Third in line for the pick of the swill bins (After Mr C's dogs) to name one :-).
Miss MJ . I am suprised you are disturbed by anything after the horrors committed on Infomaniac .
Mr Mago . You make it sound so dirty .....
Miss Scarlet . I will be delighted to perform at you little soiree. I will have my people send you my rider.

Old Tarf . How the devil are you. Your getting very continental :-)
Petra . How you have the cheek to carp about a delivery delay with the remind us how long you held on to them for ??

Scarlet Blue said...

The Polish Potters have agreed to meet your demands for the massive floury baps, but the Maypole Dancers won't budge on the request for for a dozen hand embroidered [with sequins] love mittens.
Perhaps we can compromise with a surgical glove?

Polka Dot Queen said...

You should be grateful you have a job.

BEAST said...

Miss Scarlet : How dare they!
Dont they know who I am ????
***flounces off in diverish Huff***

Miss Polka Dot . Oh I am grateful , now all I need to sort out is getting paid for it :-(

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