Thursday, 21 June 2012


A story in ThePoke (an online rag) tickled my fancy  and confirmed my belief in the good manners and chirpy optimism of the British Public .

It concerns a gentleman living in an apartment complex in Peckham , South London.He likes nothing better than settling down of an evening for a porn marathon on his 42" TV (Obviously an Infomaniac reader) .
Sadly he does not close his curtains ,  this hardcore smut fest is clearly visible to 40 or so of the other residents.
The residents ascociation are at a loss as to how to raise this issue without causing offence.
One resident was reported as saying 
"luckily he does'nt leave the light on as the sight of him tugging away everynight could make cooking dinner in my kitchen almost impossible but I did notice him fast forwarding through a particularly brutal fisting scene so the man obviously isnt a complete animal" !

In other news :
With Summer finally upon us Miss Scarlet has informed me that she is expecting everyones full support in her quest for a prize at The Bridport Country Fair .
She is entering what she describes as a 'truly hilarious Parsnip' in the Obscene Vegetables Competition and has been  training hard for the How Many Vegetables can you stuff down your Pantyhose Event.
A note of caution dear reader . Simmering rivalries and root vegetables can be an explosive mix and  Of course it will all end in tears and possibly a fight if Mr Frobisher kicks off .

Lastly Mr C has recently been recieving death threats, this is only newsworthy as for once they are not from me !


Scarlet Blue said...

*collapses in a state of shock at the sight of Mr Beastie posting*
*fans self with giant paramilitary parsnip*
...well you try typing parsnip when predictive text is on, Christ knows what it'd make of turnip....


MJ said...

Do you suppose Miss Scarlet has room for a Mangelwurzel?

BEAST said...

The question is Miss MJ will Miss Scarlets reinforced double stitched gusset take the strain !

MJ said...

Following THAT comment, Mr. C won't be the only one receiving death threats.

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