Tuesday, 14 September 2021

And then I got COVID

Its  was all going quiet well .

Double vaxxed , working from home. A few masked up supermarket jaunts to keep fed but to be fair going a bit crazy being stuck on my own all the time

Jagos was allowed to re open . The first couple of weeks were a bit of a stree but it is doing well

Then things started to open up a bit and I was sent 3 times a week to work on the Customer Services desk for the council in the local library .

and then I got covid

It has proper knocked the stuffing out of me . I was rather unwell for about 3 weeks . high fever and then the cough started .

The fever was constant and came with a recurring dream of a couple , man and woman who were sat on my roof on these purple throne type chairs . They could not explain what they were doing there. Everytime the fever kicked in at night , there they were trying to explain round and round , they made no sense.

Then the ghastly cough started and the hospital gave me a blood oxygen monitor everytime it was 92 or below you have to ring for an ambulance . Paramedic turn up first then if required they call an ambulance after putting you on oxygen and then you get carted off to hospital.

Each time I was held in a room on my own as I was Covid positive for about 8 hours while on oxygen . A rather peculiar oriental nurse kept creeping in and whispering to me that she knew about my secret drinking and that is why I was there. I did tell her multiple times to pick her audience as the last drink I had this year was  on Christmas day to be sociable and it was a rather weak G&T as I was driving . on the third visit I threw her out of my room  shouting

I (Cough) DON'T (Splutter ) FUCKING (Cough/Choke) DRINK (More hacking and coughing) GO AWAY!

At various points people would run in the room with a clipboard and shout HAVE YOU HAD A POSITIVE COVID TEST??!??

or 6 -8 by day three most of them done by you guys

They generally then looked a bit confused and shouted AND WHY ARE YOU HERE TODAY??!!?? 

Well you have me on oxygen as I have covid and my blood oxygen was too low

OH !??

and then they would leave , I asked if they could help with the cough they just looked confused I had asked a question and shouted NO!

After a while I just started to make shit up but suspected rabies , a second head growing in my armpit(Which also had COVID)  and dancing malaria was completely ignored .

Usually at about midnight someone would come in and say you can go home now and would throw me out into the car park, coughing my guts up , Covid pos and 20 miles from home

After the third hospitalisation I just made up the oxygen and heart rate figures so they wouldn't come and frog march me into hospital again.

2 weeks on I am much better , Covid negative still got a bit of a cough and a bit short of breath 

If you have ever had to clean a nightclub , on your own, with Covid......... not something I would ever want to repeat it nearly finished me off

Stay Safe all of you and catch us up on what you have been up to


63mago said...

Goodness BEast - are your hospitals run by German immigrants named Hilter ?

Anyway, nice to see you again, I hope you recover fully, and do not keep some longish covid just as a reminder of those good times ...

Ms Scarlet said...

The oriental nurse reminds me of the Dentist I saw during lockdown - he gave me a lecture about smoking even though I gave up 5 years ago. He went on to tell me I needed 3 teeth out. Three months later and after much pain I got to see the maxillofacial surgeon who scoffed at the idea that I need any teeth out; he said that my pain was due to my jaw disorder. Anyhow - there's not a lot they will do about the jaw disorder - I've also seen that weird confused face they put on after I've described my symptoms, and have been told 'no' a lot. I've lost a stone since last year and am technically underweight because I haven't been able to eat properly for over a year now.
I am wondering if Mr Mags might be onto something?
Nice to see you pop up on my blog reader, and glad that you are feeling better now.

BEAST said...

I am good thank Mr Mago and almost fully back to normal apart from the shortness of breath and cough but working on that

I have one word for you Miss Scarlet soup...... liquidise everything and I hope they get it sorted out ;-)

BEAST said...

I have to keep clicking I am not a Robot.......but would I know if I was..... !

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Cleaning a nightclub while suffering from COVID? So Mr C hasn't changed, then? Still making you work. Although, I'm sure he just didn't want to molly-coddle you...?

Glad to hear you're almost better. Perhaps don't advertise your good health in case you find yourself back in servitude.

The Mistress said...

It's a good thing you survived or I would have put a photo of you on my "In Memoriam" sideboard. Of course, I would use the photo of you with a banana up yer arse.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

Good Lord no! You are not allowed to let yourself be overworked by that man! You tell him I said so. He's scared of me, and I have bigger tits.
I'm so, so, so glad you finally beat it. Covid is No Joke. When I had it it was like being buried alive.
It was so damn good seeing you back on my blog, sweetheart!

BEAST said...

Its good to be back and chat with you all. Mr J is not overworking me he is running around with his pub empire (3 or 4 of them depending which week it is) spread accross south England and i look after Jagos

BEAST said...

How rude !

BEAST said...

Aww bless him he is racing around dorset hampshire and west sussex with his pub empire and i look after Jagos. It keeps us off the streets

Z said...

Do keep blogging. Facebook is more immediate but blogging is still best. And how well you write.

You make a good point about robots. I may well be one, I don't know.

The Mistress said...

Happy 2022, Mr. Beastie!

dinahmow said...

Beastie! Oh! I've missed your bloggie bits n pieces.
So sorry you've had the bug, but very glad you're on the mend.

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